Sunday, October 10, 2010

Will The Mulberry For Target Become Your Target?

The terrible display of "Mulberry for Target." But, it seems that the bags are so popular and almost sold out within two hours.

Today is the first day of launching "Mulberry for Target" collaboration. We arrived at Target around 11 am, but...there were only four styles of bags available. And we were wondering why there wasn't any promotion or visual display for this collaboration. All bags were just hung on the humble shelf like this. Even some salesmen didn't know this collaboration in the store.  

These are the bags we got.

                Mulberry for Target: $49.99                    Mulberry leopard patent leather $1250

Mulberry for Target, Satchel in black patent $34.99
                 Mulberry for Target, Satchel in denim $34.99                

Mulberry, Black Drummed Patent Leather $1250

Take a look at these similar bags. The styles really strongly resemble Mulberry's main line. I really like small Satchel in black patent/denim, it looks very adorable and really similar to the original one. 

Large tote in black pebble, $49.99
This Large tote in black pebble is Tim's fave. This is a very practical bag that can fit the 13" macbook. He likes the look and the quality looks above-level for a $49.99 bag. The prices of this collaboration are so friendly and accessible for mass customers. If you are looking for a chic and fashionable bags, don't miss this chance. It is from October 10th - December 24th. By the way, there are some items only on exclusive, such as Large tote in pink leopard print and  Satchel in pink leopard print. You can also check the website below.

Meet Mulberry for Target here.

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  1. Hey Tim...this is CTY !!!
    xie xie so much !!!
    Like yr sharing here! Also XIE XIE the one who accompanied you and think she got lots trophies too...which is cooL !!!


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