Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miranda Kerr's Organic Life with Kora

Miranda Kerr naked in an ad campaign for Kora

The Supermodel, Miranda Kerr has released her new 100% organic skincare line, Kora in October 2009. She has kind of transformed her career from "body beauty" into "body inc." She is my favorite supermodel, I love her girl-next-door smile with dimples so much.

Check out this video, you would definitely fall in love with her confident, natural beauty as well. Besides, Miranda's baby bump has revealed in this video. She really looks incredibly natural, happy and relaxed as she explains why she created Kora. From the video, we can see this expectant mother engaging in her daily activities of running, shopping, cooking, and doing yoga, which are in line with her healthy lifestyle. 

"Kora is about nurturing your core, your inner and outer self--your mind, your body and your spirit. Kora is a choice in how we live our lives.", she said.

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