Friday, October 8, 2010

New logo for GAP

If you have visited GAP's website, social media or simply been keeping up to date with some blogs, you may already seen the new GAP logo. It's quite a big news in the retailer business field actually, and it's also a bold decision to change this classic well-know blue box with tall white lettering. It seems that GAP has decided to rebrand and reposition itself, the company just quietly switched the old logo to a new one without announcement. 

I personally prefer the old classic logo, which looks more impressive and unique. The company was established in 1969 in San Francisco, which is one of the most popular American apparel brands. GAP may have already been a symbol period for some people. The original logo is pervasive in American culture, most consumers have already put together the blue box with affordable, friendly and accessible GAP.  

How about you? Whether you like it or not, just join the discussion and share your own opinion. After all, I think that it's customer's feeling that a company is really concerns about.  

Meet GAP here. 

1 comment:

  1. Wow! very shocking when I saw this. Personally I don't really like this logo. It makes them look like a banking company.

    They may pull it off as quietly as they brought it in, seeing the reaction of people was mostly negative.

    What I do think Gap needs is a change of design team and better quality before they lose everything they've had.


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