Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles

The exterior design of Opening Ceremony, which is so holiday-feeling. 


The Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles is absolutely a fascinating mini high-end speciality store. We really love its both exterior and interior design. The successful ambience is achieved by the special vintage furnitures and warm-toned light. Actually, Opening Ceremony is divided into two parts, but photograph is not allowed in the store, it's a pity that we just took few inside pictures. If you have a chance, be sure to check the store, which is much bigger than the one in the New York City. 

This is the Proenza Schouler area.

                                                           Repetto shoes area

The sofa is just like a huge donut, so cute, isn't it? 

It's so interesting to display accessories like this. 

The theme of this display room is Legoland and I love it so much!

You can check more brands on the 2nd floor,. 

Tim's fave boots.

This is my dream Proenza Schouler mini messenger bag with metal chain. 
How fascinating vintage it is!!!

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