Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lanvin for H&M Men’s Collection

Here is the latest look of The Lanvin for H&M Men’s Collection. The collection features suits, dress shirts, tuxedo shirts, overcoats and accessories like the bow ties, the hats and dress shoes, which look so nice and very Lanvin.

At first, I was quite curious about the quality of the collaboration. However, I am now looking forward to touching the real clothing items of the collection, since Lucas Ossendrijver, Lanvin's head of menswear design, claimed that Lanvin had made fabrics for the collaboration and the process of the production was also  similar to its own collection. You can also check out the interview that I quoted from the GQ.com to get more information about the concept of the collection.

"Wardrobe essentials for every time of the day"

How did the original concept come about?

Lucas Ossendrijver: We didn't want it to be like a second line, a Lanvin-B.  We didn't want to go in their direction; we didn't want to "do H&M". We thought actually that they would have to go high-end, instead of [us] going lower. We thought about the collection and what it should be. We actually thought the way when we started the menswear five years ago: really not to think of it as a fashion collection but more of a wardrobe. For every time of the day, for every occasion, there's a garment. We wanted to apply the same idea to H&M. It's really about wardrobe essentials for every time of the day. So there's a raincoat, there's a suit, there's some shirts, there's knitwear, accessories, shoes, ties, bowties. There's a single-breasted, a double-breasted, a tuxedo, a shawl collar. Everything is there. [chuckles] It's complete. It's really thought of as a wardrobe that can be mixed together.

"H&M and Lanvin work the same way"

Lanvin is renowned for its luxurious fabrics. How difficult was it to adapt that to H&M?
To be honest, I find it extremely easy! We developed fabrics for them. I was really surprised actually that we had the possibility to do that because I was expecting a little bit more difficulty in adapting to their system. Are there laser-cut seams? There are actually! But I think it's only on the womenswear.

What else surprised you about the process?
I was quite surprised as well by the quality we can have with them. For example, for the trench coat, there's a nylon with a special texture we've developed. It was actually very easy and very quick. We [H&M and Lanvin] work the same way more or less. Of course there are a lot of different standards and parameters for them, but actually the way of working and the attitude within the company were actually quite similar. Lanvin is a very small company, so it's almost like a family organization. But whenever they came to us (they always came to us, we never went to them) the whole team was all women and it really felt family-like. They were very down to Earth, very normal, very easygoing, very pleasant. They had very good energy.

Given Alber Elbaz's taste in neckwear, did he get involved with the bowtie?

It's his bowtie! [laughs] We have a father/son or brothers relationship. He's involved overall. It's also to make sure the men and the women's lines come together and are part of the same world. That the colours, the lines go well together. It's more to make sure about that.

Lucas Ossendrijver, Lanvin's head of menswear design

Pic and interview Via GQ

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