Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Retro Fit- 910 Valencia SF


Retro Fit 
910 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA

We went to Valencia street to check some small boutiques, this area is really a heaven of "vintage boutique." If you guys are interested in vintage stuff, never miss Valencia street. I like this boutique called "Retro Fit", which is a vintage store selling not only vintage clothes but also some costume stuff. What's more, the storeowner, Steven is a super funny genius!!! He designed the whole store display with some quirky and interesting decorations. We were so shocked to see the "Chanel" chairs and the interesting fitting room. Then, I got a very cute vintage blazer($38), I was so amazed that the size fit me so well and the price was so friendly. This is a fascinating vintage store worthy to take a look. Maybe you can find something special with very reasonable prices. 

Chanel Chairs

The Fitting Room- I think it's like rebuilt from an old restroom or something. 

So many costume stuff for the holiday

We found a Christian Dior Suit!!!!

Steven & Tim

Steven & Betty

Steven, Betty, Tomas and David- We love Steven, he is SUPER funny and nice!!!


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