Thursday, December 9, 2010

Longchamp 2010 Festive Gift Ideas from Le Pliage, Bavaria and Venice

Le Pliage



Longchamp 2010 Festive Gift Ideas

For 2010 Christmas, Longchamp continues its tradition of turning its signature Le Pliage bag into playful annual items. This year, the inspiration comes from the unique styles of Bavaria and Venice, and Le Pliage.

The first one is achieved by black velvet scattered with black silk roses and patent leather trim. This is the most sophisticated one of these three designs, interpreting Le Pliage

For Bavaria, the design is inspired by Munich's renowned Oktoberfest, interpreted in dark blue deerskin with buckles and mock horn bottons. 

To Venice, the inspiration comes from the celebration of ornate glass mirrors. The bag translates in extravagant mirror-effect embroideries around a central frame, which can be personalized with something special for the beloved one. The corduroy and metallic leather trim complete the design perfectly. 

Which one is your fave? 

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