Sunday, December 5, 2010

Marc Jacobs Japan Flagship Store by Stephan Jaklitsch Architects


The new Marc Jacobs Flagship Store in Japan located in Omotesando, , right next to Herzog & de Meuron’s Prada store is so cool. The store designed by Stephan Jaklitsch Architects has won the prestigious AIA Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Architects. The 2,800-square-foot-space building mixes the traditional and the modern architecture, whose facade design has been divided into three levels, respectively, the "space", "deductive rock" and "lantern" theme. The bottom of the building is completely transparent-window design, just like other Marc Jacobs' stores, showing accessories series. The middle level comes the private "rock" area showing garment series. The top design is just like a lantern, which highlights the visibility of the whole building, especially at night. The store officially opens in December, now, here is another cool spot for you when traveling in Japan.

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