Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fendi’s Spring 2011 Handbag Collection

I'm not a fan of Fendi handbags because the "F" logo bags looks so dry and old for me. But this time I have to admit that the spring 2011 collection really fascinated me a lot! I love the highly-detailed and extremely young design of the bags. The above fabulous box bags are so well-designed, with great combination of colors and textures, they are just perfect! The collection comes in totes, shoulder bags and satchels in fresh colors and modern design. If you are looking for a great bag to buy in the coming spring, this collection is a great choice. 

Via purseblog


  1. Fendi's finally catching up with the trend of small square bags... I still prefer the one from Celine though:)

  2. Followed and looking forward to your future post. I hope you'd like to follow back:)

  3. Hey, nice to meet you, thanks for you support!!! I am your blog follower and like it too.


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