Friday, February 11, 2011

Something really similar: Gucci v.s H&M and Zara

Gucci Leather Bomber Jacket $2,995 

H&M Cotton Bomber Jacket $29.95               Zara Fake Leather Jacket $89.90

The very similar web waistband detail

It seems that H&M and Zara were inspired by the luxurious fashion house, Gucci. I found that both fast fashion giants have launched a bomber jacket recently, which is very similar to Gucci's. Just check the photos above! I do like the H&M's jacket. (Actually, this is the first piece I bought from H&M except the Lanvin for H&M collection.) Aside from the super reasonable price, the simple design is so easy to mix and match with other items. Besides, my friend bought the fake leather jacket from Zara, which has a slim cut design with some details, such as the epaulet and pockets. Both jackets are really similar to the Gucci leather bomber jacket, especially the web waistband detailing. Of course, Gucci leather has high quality and fine details; however, for those who don't have so much budget on apparel, these two items can be great choices! 

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