Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Louis Vuitton Small Leather Animals by Billie Achilleos

It's a really amazing collaboration of Louis Vuitton and London-based sculpture artist Billie Achilleos for celebrating the launch of the "Mon Monogram Service", which allows customers to personalize their Louis Vuitton with bright painted striped and initial-stamping. Check out the video, you'll definitely be stunned by these creative leather animals. Each of them highlights different element of the products. Don't you think that the patterned leather makes them look like tattooed animals? Oh, they are really so cute! The young artist perfectly transformed some classic Louis Vuitton accessories into a beaver, chameleon, armadillo and grasshopper. The most amazing part for me is to watching how she turned those buttons, wallets and key rings into the details. What's your favorite animal in this collection? 

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