Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mason 2200

Caffe Capriccia, my favorite cafe in San Francisco, which is located in 2200 Mason street. Excellent environment surrounded with great atmosphere. You can enjoy many fashion magazines over a cup of nice coffee. I come here almost twice a week for studying and relaxing.

Shirt : A Bathing Ape
Pea Coat : A.P.C
Denim : A.P.C
Hi-sneakers : Christian Louboutin
Bag : Vivienne Westwood
I've wanted to have a double breasted pea coat for a very long time, and finally found this A.P.C pea coat last summer. Slim-cut silhouette and well-pressed in my favorite navy blue. This coat will never be out-of-date.


  1. Absolutely LOVE your blog!!!!
    Becky Chiu

  2. Oh my god!!
    You are so sweet, hope I can do better in the future!!
    Thanks for your support!


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