Sunday, September 19, 2010

Store Window in San Francisco : Gucci


"Explorer The New Digital Flagship"

The latest window display of Gucci at the Union Square looks like an over-sized homepage of the Gucci’s official website. There are two mannequins dressed on this Fall women’s wear; and a slogan, “Explore the new digital Flagship”. The message is simple but obvious that Gucci wants to present and encourage customers, especially for the young people who always serve the Internet, to browse the new official website and get new information.

I checked out the website when I got home and found that they looked the same. The website, just like what Gucci's store window shows, is a brand new online flagship shop. It is very clear, useful, and user-friendly, which provides customers a different online shopping experience. 

Gucci really uses a very clever and effective way to promote their new official website and I think it is a successful window display because it provokes customers’ curiosity of the new website. 

Check out the

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