Monday, October 4, 2010

UGG-Jimmy Choo & UGG; Kensington

I am a big fan of UGG, not only because of its comfy feeling but also because of its cute style. (Actually, Tim told me that UGG is among "the top ugly things of your girlfriend" list. Is it true? Do you guys really think so?) But UGG is the must-have items for every girl to survive the winter time, at least I believe it. 

I just saw a news that Jimmy Choo has collaborated with UGG, and these new styles are will be available on Oct 21. The collaboration comes in five styles. 
(However, I'm really tired of so many collaborations this year, it's kind of over-saturated.) But, take a look at this new designs. 

Jimmy Choo & UGG

The classic UGG shape emblazoned with leopard and zebra print, festooned with silver and gold studs. The chestnut one is the classic UGG shape with the detail of two layers of Silkee Suede fringe; besides, the last one is Donegal Cable knit cashmere blend boot detailed with antique nickel studs, lamb suede fringe. If you are fans of Jimmy Choo, this new collaboration can be your best choice for this winter. 


For me, aside from the classic short UGG, Kensington is my favorite now. This motorcycle boot is so cool with the comfort we've expected from UGG. With the buckle details and metal hardware UGG logo, this boot presents a totally different feeling from the classic one. It looks so cool and neat. The surface is full grain leather upper with an oiled finish, the insole is genuine sheepskin and the outsole is molded rubber pod for the durability and traction. What's more, the sales person of UGG told me that it can be worn for skiing and in the rainy days. I had a terrible experience to wear my classic UGG in the pouring rain. That was really a nightmare. Upon hearing this "big news", I was so excited to order a pair online. Just a helpful hint, the kid's Kensington costs $140, the women's costs $200. Actually, I think women's is too big that looks a little lumbering. But kid's Kensington is better for me. My classic UGG size is 6, and kid's 5 Kensington fits me quite well. Besides, you can even save $60 bucks. How wonderful it is!!!!!! This will absolutely be my best item in the coming winter. Can't wait to receive my kid's Kensington. Be sure to check kid's Kensington before making the final decision. 

Meet UGG here.


  1. I also like the Kensington. I think it is the smartest combination. Wow, thank you for your usful information, so I can try the kid's Kensington, right? My feet is 23.5cm, how about you? I want to have the new item too lol!!

    Amanda Lin

  2. As a man I can say that most UGG boots are indeed UGGly, but these are not bad at all! The Kensington looks more like a proper boot than a bedroom slipper with an upper sleeve, which is what most UGG shoes look like to me.

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I'm so happy you like Kensington as well. My size is as the same as yours, so I think the kid's size 5 will fit you well. But I recommend you to try the real one in the store and you can purchase it on Zappos (no-tax and free shipping!!!!). I just got my Kensington yesterday. I have a corrected news to tell you, only women's Kensington has metal UGG logo, kid's logo is just like the classic ones. Hope it helps.


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