Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stella McCartney to launch kid's clothing line this fall

Stella McCartney

Claudia Schiffer and pregnant Stella McCartney
She is really a beautiful mommy pregnant with fourth child.

Stella McCartney is going to launch children's clothing line this fall. It's really a great news for mini fashionistas and luxury-love-parents. Though Stella McCartney has cooperated with GAP to launch kid's clothing last year, now she is designing her own children's line. It's designer's new line of stylish children's clothing yet practical. The clothing will feature organic cotton infant garments, floral dresses and even trendy rubber boots. This collection aims at both boys and girls up to the age of 12. It will be sold mainly online at starting from Nov. 3 2010.

Stella McCartney's kids collection for GAP

The designer hopes that this kid's collection can be very friendly, affordable and accessible to all children, parents, cousins and friends. They have tried to make it possible and hope customers can enjoy it. The prices range from $26 for a T-shirt to $210 for the coats.

Stella McCartney children's line

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  1. I loved her collection for the Gap Kids... i know girl friends that were trying to fit into the biggest sizes just to wear it! haha


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