Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Eagles

True Legend- The Eagles

I've never dreamed about listening to live concert of "Eagles", even in San Francisco. I still remember the day when Tim told me he saw Eagles' ad on the muni---"Eagles is coming on Oct 2 2010." It was really like a dream, and it has come true.  
Current members (source-Eagles performing in December 2008.)
This is a GREAT Comeback!

Glenn Frey – vocalsguitarskeyboardsharmonica (1971–1980, 1994-present)
Don Henley – vocals, drumspercussion, guitar (1971–1980, 1994–present)
Joe Walsh – guitars, vocals, keyboards (1975–1980, 1994–present)
Timothy B. Schmit – bass, vocals, acoustic guitar (1977–1980, 1994–present) 
Tim and I are big fans of Eagles, we are really old-school, aren't we? Last night, the Oracle Arena was crowded with middle-aged people. While waiting in line, a lady just cried out, we are 50!!!!! We replied, we are 25!!!!! But the age doesn't mean anything, the truth is that Eagles has accompanied everyone since 1971, which is full of everyone's good memories. For me, I fell in love with Eagles when I was 15. It was their simple and casual country rock, folk rock; powerful and touching soft rock, hard rock that deeply attracted me so much. 

Since last year, "Love will keep us alive" has been repeated again and again, maybe over thousand times. I love its simple but true-hearted lyrics. It just like you can feel every single emotion and memory pass through your soul while listening to these words. Quite simple yet so impressed. 

How come Timothy can always look like the same, even now he is almost 62? I was really touched last night when listening to my favorite song. 

Without fabulous costumes, luxurious stage property or fantastic dancers; instead, the whole concert was all about "MUSIC" and "friendship." It's really unbelievable the members of this band has been together since 1971. 

Love his pink shirt, how country-like it is. 

Don & Glenn

Soft Rocker- Don

Amazing Drummer of Eagles

True Hard Rocker- Joe



                                                  Genius Guitar

What a fantastic night! This is absolutely the best night of the year, because of Eagles, in which I experienced the power of true music and see what a real legend it is. I was so lucky to be there last night.

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