Monday, March 14, 2011

Polka Dot Obsession

Anne Catherine 

Polka dot jumpsuit

Polka dot trousers with white dot shirt

Polka dot suit

The London based stylist Caroline Sieber

Polka dot shirt matches a bow so perfect! 

 Polka dot skirt is my love! 

This burgundy dot shirt with peter pan collar is super gorgeous! 

I adore this way to match a polka dot shirt with a sweater. Cute!

Polka Dot Accessories.

I'm so in love with the polka dot things, from the clothing to accessories. I collected some street snaps about polka dot items, don't you think polka dot can always give your look an instant glam, even a simple scarf and a tie. For me, I got so many polka dot shorts and skirts, which is so easy to go with other items in my wardrobe. And now the thing I wanna try most is to match a polka dot shirt (especially with peter pan collars ) with a sweater! How about you? Are you obsessed with polka dot things just like me? 

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